Patient Testimonials

bearsIt’s a Family Affair At Bellaire Family Orthodontics

My name is Shawn Bear and over the last eight years my four boys and I have been in orthodontic treatment. My two oldest boys are finished, with beautiful smiles, my third son is currently in treatment, and last, but not least, my youngest son will begin treatment soon. I trust Dr. Wadler, Dr. Tabakman and Dr. Bloome and their awesome staff with all my children.

Dr. Wadler, Dr. Tabakman and Dr. Bloome have the expertise and unbelievable knowledge to transform our teeth into beautiful smiles. Bellaire Family Orthodontics is very in tune and up to date with cutting-edge treatment, which is individualized for the patient’s needs. First impressions are extremely important, and knowledgeable and cheerful staff always greet us, whenever we visit or call the office.

I Would Do It All Over Again

calliMy name is Calli Pekar and I am a senior in high school. The thought of going to college next year wearing braces was out of the question. Then Dr. Wadler introduced me to the SureSmile System. My treatment was a breeze and to my amazement it only took nine months. I love Dr. Wadler’s staff. They made all my visits special, and before I knew it, my braces were off. I have an incredible smile and if you ask me, I would do it again.

The SureSmile System is engineered to maximize treatment efficiency with its sophisticated 3- D imaging and computerized treatment planning. This significantly reduces the amount of time in treatment.

Top Ten Reasons to Use the SureSmile System & Bellaire Family Orthodontics

top10David Letterman doesn’t have anything to top my ten best reasons to use the SureSmile System and Bellaire Family Orthodontics. My name is Kathy Kegg and I have two teenage children with beautiful smiles.

My top ten reasons for using the SureSmile System and Bellaire Family Orthodontics are:

10. My children spent
considerably less time in braces
9. Perfect for anyone who craves the fastest treatment possible
8. Reduces stress by not having to race to as many orthodontic appointments
7. Saves money on gas and leaves more money for Starbucks
6. Teenagers don’t complain about their braces
5. Less time away from school
4. The staff is always nice
3. Plenty of free parking
2. Kids look great in the Christmas photo
1. Who do you think picks your nursing home anyway?

SureSmile Braces a Sure Bet For a Great Result

jerryAs a business professional it was important to me to spend as little time in braces as possible. I knew braces were necessary, but I went into treatment with trepidation. Dr. Wadler recommended SureSmile braces, and from that day forward I never looked back.

My name is Jerry Edrington, and in only ten months, I went from start to finish in SureSmile braces. I was never uncomfortable and my experience was very pleasant. The entire staff at Bellaire Family Orthodontics is friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable. SureSmile is a wonderful, quick treatment and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about braces. It’s the only way to go!

Invisalign for Us “Oldies but Goodies”!

pamMy name is Pam Kennedy and I could not be happier with my pretty smile. Dr. Wadler was “manna from heaven” for me. I now smile again without looking at my overlapping teeth! After wearing braces as a teenager, I lost my retainers as an adult and didn’t replace them. Over time, my teeth started crowding and overlapping and were very unattractive. I was unhappy with my smile but I could not imagine “real” braces at my age. Dr. Wadler came to the rescue by recommending Invisalign and once again, I have a beautiful smile.

I was impressed with the doctor’s knowledge, experience and willingness to work with the unique oddities of a 50+ year-old set of teeth. In addition, Dr. Wadler and his staff have been unerringly pleasant, as well as responsive to concerns, worries and request. I could not more wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone – old or young. I am thrilled I found Bellaire Family Orthodontics.

You Don’t Have to be 21 Years Old to Have a Beautiful Smile!

claraOne year ago, I decided I wanted my teeth to be straight again. I wanted my smile to be the way it was in 1948, when my braces were removed. They did not have the SureSmile System then, and my treatment took 7 years. Computerized treatment planning is truly a miracle.

My name is Clara Haugaard, and I am 71 years old. The SureSmile System moved my teeth quickly and precisely into the correct position in a very short period of time. I have my beautiful smile back. I now look in the mirror and tell myself it is one of the best decisions I ever made. My teeth are just gorgeous, and I smile all the time.


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